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Dlux music and Elevated Clothing specializes in music, fashion, and clothing design


Lori DiSanti, known skillfully as Dlux, is a Chicago based hip-hop music artist originally born in Elmhurst, IL. In Sept. of 2015, she released her first solo album ‘Can I Live’ and promptly followed up with her ‘Rap Sheets’ EP in Feb. of 2016. Focusing on her brand-new music and Digital Marketing Certification in 2019, she has set the tone for her 2020 fiscal year ahead! Her latest 2019 singles including “On The Line”, "Rolls Royce", "Million Dollar View'" and "Celebrate" have led to her newly released music videos found on her Dlux YouTube channel. Dlux's brand new EP titled "Elevated" has a 2022

release date! She has been lucky to travel and record in various studios in the US and still believes there is no place like the Windy City.

Lux Music Radio Chicago

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